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PCC Video Available

PCC has produced a brief, four minute video that provides an

overview of our history and capabilities in the nuclear power,

chemical and petrochemical, renewable energy, and military

hardware industries.  It can be viewed by going to our website,, and clicking on “View PCC Capabilities video.”

on the Home Page.



PCC in the Fleet

PCC has had the privilege of supporting our nation’s security since World War II in many ways.  Among them has been the manufacture of aircraft carrier components.  Jim Stouch, PCC’s VP Business Development said, “I remember my father telling me about the catapult components the company made during WWII.  We have manufactured the steam catapult launch cylinders for the Navy for the last 15 years and are currently manufacturing the prototype Electromagnetic Launch System (EMALS) support rails that will be used on the next generation aircraft carrier beginning with the USS Gerald Ford (CVN-78) in 2015.  PCC is proud to have successfully delivered three generations of catapult technology.”

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PCC’s Evolving Role in Sustainable North American Energy Security


ExxonMobil’s large-scale laboratory apparatus fabricated by PCC can recreate geologic and reservoir conditions to test new bitumen recovery methods.

One of the key aspects of American initiatives to reduce dependence on foreign sources of energy is development and recovery of usable hydrocarbons from North American resources. Bitumen, also referred to as heavy oil, currently exists in some locations in reservoirs too thin to be extracted economically with existing technology. PCC manufactured several pressure vessels for ExxonMobil’s use in researching new approaches to recover bitumen from these reservoirs.

These innovative recovery approaches have the potential to extract the bitumen without the use of either steam or heat and to recover a far higher percentage of bitumen than is currently possible.  By minimizing the use of steam and heat, these new methods could significantly reduce energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.  Laboratory tests and numerical modeling by ExxonMobil have yielded encouraging results for the future application of these technologies.

(Ref. ExxonMobil’s “2008 Financial & Operating Review”, p. 24)

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