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The Company

Historic PCC picture

PCC's origin dates back to 1876, when the Reverend S. Morgan Smith founded the company utilizing the talents of native York County craftsmen to produce a newly patented hydraulic turbine. The York, Pennsylvania company bearing his name became world renowned in the hydraulic turbine energy market.

Read more about the fascinating history of the founder S. Morgan Smith.

Shippingport Nuclear Power Plant - Reactor Internal

In 1956, S. Morgan Smith manufactured the Reactor Internals for the Shippingport Nuclear Power Station.  This facility was the first commercial central electric generating station in the United States to use Nuclear Energy.  The plant was dedicated on May 26, 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as part of the “Atoms for Peace” program. 

In 1959 Allis-Chalmers acquired the business and entered other energy markets, manufacturing both commercial and military nuclear power equipment.

In 1983 Precision Custom Components was formed as a privately held company and continues the traditions of workmanship and superior quality in the production of heavy precision metal fabrications.

Today PCC is recognized as a world class producer of energy related equipment for commercial and government markets.

PCC Highlights

  • Founded In 1876 – Largest Turbine Manufacturer
  • Delivered The Reactor Internals For The Shippingport Project (First Commercial Nuclear Plant)
  • Provided The Navy’s First SNF Shipping Cask
  • First “N” Stamp Vessel Over 30 Years Ago
  • Manufactured The Tokamak TFTR Coil Case
  • First U.S. Cask Supplier For Japan’s Utilities
  • Nuclear Fabricator For DOE, DOD And Utilities
  • Over The Past 50 Years, PCC Has Produced…
    • 61 Nuclear Reactor Vessels
    • 51 Closure Heads
    • 238 Sets Of Reactor Internals
    • 10 Pressurizers
    • 35 Steam Generators
    • Approximately 250 Casks And Canisters
    • Plus Other Auxiliary Plant Equipment