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PCC is producing key structural components for ITER, the world’s largest fusion reactor now under construction in France. The ITER tokamak machine is designed to produce a “star on earth” or burning plasma—a necessary step for the development of fusion energy. The United States is one of seven ITER partners, along with China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea and Russia.

PCC is manufacturing components for structures that will surround the central solenoid electromagnet in the unique machine. The central solenoid, known as the “heartbeat of ITER” will have 5.5 gigajoules of stored energy and be about 60 feet tall. The structures around the solenoid provide a secure cage for the magnet, which can be subject to up to 6,000 tons of force.

Fusion is a nuclear process that occurs naturally in stars like our sun. On earth, fusion reactions by heating, compressing and confining hydrogen plasmas at 100 million degrees have been achieved for very short periods of time. Using magnetic confinement of sun-hot plasmas over longer periods, ITER will allow scientists to explore the physics of a burning plasma at energy densities close to that of a commercial power plant.

Fusion promises to change the way humankind generates heat and electricity … all in a carbon-free manner without high-level long-term radioactive waste. Fusion can be fueled by readily available resources:  Deuterium (heavy hydrogen) is plentiful in water and tritium can be produced during the fusion process. The nuclear fusion reaction in a tokamak is inherently safe, with no risk of a runaway reaction.  Achieving fusion requires precise conditions and if these are not met, the reaction dies out.

The successful integration and assembly of over one million components (ten million parts) built in the ITER Members' factories around the world and delivered to the ITER site in France constitutes a tremendous logistics and engineering challenge.  PCC’s contributions are helping US ITER and the ITER project meet this challenge.

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Precision Custom Components, LLC and DC Fabricators, Inc. Combine to Form Precision Components Group, LLC

YORK, Pa., Nov. 25, 2013 / -- Precision Custom Components, LLC (“PCC”), and DC Fabricators, Inc. (“DCF”), two prominent leaders in the custom manufacturing industry, are pleased to announce the formation of Precision Components Group (“PCG”), a private holding company, which now owns 100% of PCC and DCF, effective October 28, 2013.   The corporate restructuring resulting in the formation of Precision Components Group continues to assure superb quality, facilitate on-time delivery of product to every customer, and increase the focus on cost reductions at both companies to generate more value for our customers and an ability for the companies to aggressively compete in their niche markets.

"While both  PCC  and  DCF  will continue to operate independently, the corporate restructuring enables both companies to leverage the operational and financial strengths of one another", expressed President and CEO Gary Butler, who will have operational and financial performance responsibilities for both companies and will facilitate the sharing of best practices between the two companies. "We are talented and skilled at both companies, whether salaried or hourly, with excellent potential to meet our quality, delivery, and reduced cost objectives."  John Frieling will continue as Chairman and the majority owner of PCG. “We are all pleased with the opportunities this restructuring provides to enhance the Company’s ability to achieve its growth and profitability objectives, and to enable us to meet our customer’s requirements for effectiveness, as measured by quality, price and schedule”, commented Mr. Frieling.

Precision Custom Components, LLC is a leading manufacturer of custom fabricated heavy pressure vessels (to 600 tons), reactors, casks, and heavy-walled components involving special materials with challenging welding and highly specialized machining, tight tolerances, and robust QA procedures for nuclear, commercial and government applications. PCC was founded at its current location in York, Pennsylvania in 1876 and was then known as the S. Morgan Smith Company. PCC's facility exceeds 275,000 square feet and is conveniently located to major transportation routes including rail, truck, and deep water access in Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA.

DC Fabricators, Inc. is the leader in the design, technology and manufacturing of steam condensers and heat exchangers for government and commercial heat transfer applications.  Founded in 1966 as the Delaval Condenser Division, DC Fabricators, Inc. was formed in 1995.  The facility is located in Florence, New Jersey on a 25-acre site adjacent to the Delaware River with barge loading capability.  DCF has 125,000 square feet of fabrication and machining space and specializes in corrosion resistant alloy and dissimilar metal fabrications.

Innovation generating increased value for our customers is essential for the success of both companies and the combination into Precision Components Group will help facilitate accomplishing these goals.


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Precision Custom Components will be exhibiting at the Power-Gen International Conference in

Orlando, Florida on November 12-14, 2013. We look forward to your visit to booth 3617 in the

Nuclear section to discuss solutions to your custom manufacturing needs.You will also be offered

the opportunity to sign up to win a valued Harley Davidson leather jacket.




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PCC Completes Large Nuclear Tank Order

PCC has shipped 10 large stainless steel tanks to be used to process radioactive waste currently stored at the US Dept. of Energy's Savannah River Site in South Carolina.  The tanks have been manufactured and certified to meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Pressure Vessel Code and nuclear quality and regulatory requirements.  Following is a reprint of an article that appeared recently in the Aiken (SC) Standard newspaper.  Several photographs of the tanks during fabrication and transport to South Carolina follow the article.

PCC is a manufacturer of custom fabricated pressure vessels, reactors, casks, and heavy walled components requiring highly specialized machining, welding, and/or fabrication.


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PCC CEO to Give Commencement Address

The York Campus of the Pennsylvania State University is celebrating its 11th annual fall commencement on Friday, Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. in the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center at the campus. Gary C. Butler ‘71, P.E., president and chief executive officer of Precision Custom Components (PCC) in York, is the commencement speaker.

For those who cannot attend the event, Penn State York's commencement can be viewed on Comcast cable channel 18 or streaming on the website.

The campus will award associate and baccalaureate degrees and recognize master's degree graduates during the program. The ceremony is free and open to the public.

In addition to hearing from Butler, Penn State York will continue its tradition of the open microphone where graduates can speak for a moment. The top associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree graduates will also say a few words. A number of former Penn State York students who completed their degree work at another campus of Penn State will return to their home campus, York, to receive their degrees during the ceremony.

PCC is a manufacturer of custom fabricated pressure vessels, reactors, casks, and heavy walled components requiring highly specialized machining, welding, and/or fabrication.