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PCC’s facility and know-how is the result of long-standing presence in the machining and fabrication industry and high trained production and engineering staff. Our resources have developed over our 140+ years in business to include a world class manufacturing facility with equipment to match. Our customers, many of whom we have served for decades, come from the process industries, nuclear industry, military, and scientific community. In addition, our quality management system assures that the highest grade products are designed and produced to your specifications. Explore all of your options at PCC below.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 405,000 square feet with 350 Ton lifting capability
  • Vertical boring mills up to 20 foot swing
  • Large table type and floor type horizontal mills
  • Gantry mills
  • Robotic welding
  • 100 ton welding positioners and 200 ton turning rolls
  • Specialized welding equipment for small bores, tube sheet welding, pipe welding
  • Rail and truck shipment standard with ocean transport available in Baltimore, Philadelphia, or Newark


More than 140 years of design and manufacturing for:


Commercial Industrial

High Pressure Reactors
Pressure Vessels
Power Generation Equipment
Petrochemical Equipment
Silicon Crystal Reactors
Specialized Processing Equipment

Aircraft Carrier

Military / Government

Heat Exchangers
National Lab Major Equipment
Submarine Components
Aircraft Carrier Equipment
Spent Nuclear Fuel Equipment

Commercial Nuclear

Spent Fuel Casks and Canisters
Reactor Service Equipment
Transportation Casks & Equipment
Spent Nuclear Fuel Components
Reactor Components