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Fabrication Support

PCC maintains a diverse manufacturing facility equipped to handle large, complex projects. Our heavy duty equipment and material handling capabilities make PCC a leading fabricator of pressure vessels, spent nuclear fuel casks, and special projects. We can ensure competent and timely performance as we have for our many customers throughout our 140+ year history.

Fabrication Equipment

  • Welding power sources
  • Weld positioners up to 100 Ton capacity
  • Positioning rolls up to 200 Ton capacity
  • Welding manipulators up to 15′ x 18′
  • Custom designed welding machines for unique welding applications
  • Stress relieving furnaces up to 15′ x 23′ x 25′

  • Vibratory Stress Relief at PCC or client’s site
  • Hammer Peening equipment
  • Bridge cranes up to 150 Tons and 60 ft. under hook
  • Full NDE including radiography of up to 20″ thick steel
  • Portable thermal stress relief equipment
  • Rotary Tables up to 150 Ton capacity
  • Open-flame and induction pre-heat equipment and power supplies


  • Low carbon steel
  • Medium carbon steel
  • Low alloy steels (Mn-Mo, Ni-Cr-Mo)
  • High strength alloy (HY-80, HY-100 & HSLA 100)
  • Austenitic stainless steels (Cr-Ni)
  • High nickel alloy (Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Cr-Mo-Cb)
  • Stellite®
  • Hastelloy®
  • Aluminum
  • Copper Nickel alloy
  • Nickel Copper alloy
  • Titanium

Assembly and Testing

PCC has extensive experience with a variety of assemblies which range in size from 36″ butterfly valves (1 Ton) to 60′ high spent fuel handling equipment assemblies (300 Tons). Trial fit and functional testing are routinely performed to clients specifications.

  • 25′ diameter x 20′ deep test/assembly pit (under 42′ crane hook) providing 62′ clearance

In addition to the assembly capabilities, PCC can perform various assembly related tests which include:

  • Load testing
  • Helium leak
  • Trial fit
  • Functional testing
  • Hydrostatic testing (25,000 PSIG maximum)

Surface Preparation

  • Grit and metal blast rooms
  • Paint rooms
  • Wide variety of specialized polishing capabilites down to 20 Ra surface finish

Painting Facility

  • Special pressurized cross-flow paint spray booth
  • Paint Curing System discharging 140° F for accelerated curing cycle
  • Booth designed as a drive through unit with a crane slot in the ceiling
  • Working Dimensions: 20’0″ Wide x 16’0″ High x 30’0″ Depth

Blast Facility

  • “H” shaped partial floor reclaim system for thru room work flow
  • High effciency gravity air wash separator, classifies ferrous and non-ferrous abrasives
  • Dust collection system with air-flow of 60 FPM for contaminant clean enviroment
  • Working Dimensions: 18’0″ Wide x 16’0″ High x 30’0″ Depth