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NDE Services

Whether your project requires us to use our 6 MeV X-ray facility (one of the largest in the US) on your 40 foot long, 20 inch thick component; hydro test your pressure vessel to 25,000 psi; perform a helium leak test; or a visual inspection, our highly qualified technicians can meet ASME Codes and/or your own NDE procedures.


  • Inspect Steel from 1/4″ to 20″ Thick
  • Sodium Iodine detectors for gamma radiation leakage measurements
  • 6 MeV and 420 KV Machines
  • Cobalt and Iridium isotopes

Our 6 MeV facility is one of the largest in the United States. It enables us to test many pieces other firms list as “too thick to test”. Our Cobalt and Iridium isotopes allows us to radiograph areas inaccessible to machines. Our Gamma leakage equipment allows us to evaluate your structure for radiation containment capacity.


  • Flaw Detection and Thickness Measurements

Straight or angle beam, longitudinal or shear wave, our capabilities will meet your needs.

Visual Inspection

  • Borescopes
  • Videoscopes

Our full range of borescopes and videoscopes makes indirect viewing or object retrieval possible.

Level III, Radiation Safety

  • Training and/or Consultation
  • ASNT Level III Qualified Consultant
  • RSO Experience in Machine and Isotope Radiography

Magnetic Particle

  • Visible and Florescent; Wet and Dry
  • 12,000 amp Multidirectional Machine

Our visible and fluorescent powder equipment, wet or dry, represents the full range of MT techniques. We can perform either direct or indirect testing based on need. Our multidirectional machine allows rapid, economical “one shot” testing of large pieces.

Liquid Penetrant

  • Visible and Fluorescent
  • Solvent Removable, Post-Emulsified, Water Washable

Our solvent, post-emulsifier, and water washable equipment will meet any inspection needs.

Helium Leak

  • Helium Mass Spectrometer System

If you need to know if your structure is sealed, helium is the best medium to use. Our helium leak equipment can detect and locate leakage rates as low as 1 x 10-9 stdcm3/sec.


  • Capable of Performing Tests up to 25,000 psi.