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Manufacturing Technology

PCC possesses a proven capability to develop processes and equipment to address special fabrication requirements. Solutions have been successfully developed and implemented to resolve complex machining, welding, assembly and inspection challenges on hardware due to unique materials, complex geometries, close dimensional tolerancing or handling constraints.

Precision Custom Components has developed and implemented specialized satellite machines, deep hole drilling equipment, specialized welding equipment and automated inspection equipment to resolve production challenges efficiently. Capability studies are performed to identify optimum cutters, tools and parameters for unique machining and welding applications.

Manufacturing Development

PCC can utilize this experience to provide creative, yet cost effective, solutions to your individual challenges.

  • Conduct manufacturability evaluations
  • Perform machining and welding feasibility studies
  • Process unique materials,
  • Meet special fabrication requirements
    • Specialized satellite machines and welding equipment
    • Customized operations
    • Automated inspection equipment
  • Define optimum tools, cutters and parameters

Prototype Fabrication

  • Manufacture full or scale models
  • Demonstrate fabrication techniques
  • Perform functional and proof testing

Special Equipment

Designing and fabricating unique fixtures and tooling:

  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Leak test fixtures
  • Hydrostatic test equipment
  • Welding test equipment
  • Inspection gages

  • Remote viewing/inspection tools
  • Remotely operated equipment
  • Preloading fixtures
  • Tube expansion tools
  • Tube bundle assembly

Technology Services

PCC extensively utilizes its CAD and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities in the design of tooling, fixtures and related structures.  These tools assure the efficient development of designs to fully meet the user’s needs.

The design would be developed utilizing best-in-class design tools such as Siemens NX CAD system.  PCC has the ability to share a wide variety of platform specific and generic CAD file formats. During the design process, PCC could digitally simulate the design as necessary to determine its structural integrity.

PCC has developed expertise in designing tooling and fixturing to support all aspects of fabrication including lifting fixtures, leak test systems, hydrostatic test equipment, remote viewing/inspection equipment manipulators.

Much of this design experience was developed to address specialized needs and requirements that could not be resolved utilizing traditional fixturing. This creativity and expertise can be applied to efficiently meet your special operational needs.